GeT : plateforme de Génomique et transcriptomique
Genome transcriptome
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GeT Platform

Genome & Transcriptome

Skills and cutting-edge technologies for your projects in genomics and transcriptomics

GeT is a cutting-edge multi-site core facility in Toulouse (France), providing the academic and private scientific communities with technologies and expertise in the area of genomics and transcriptomics. Part of the GenoToul multidisciplinary life sciences facilities regional network , we achieve :


Services by managing projects for next generation sequencing (NGS), Sanger Sequencing, genotyping, transcriptomics and bioinformatics and statistical analysis of biological data.

Guide & advisor

Animation of the scientific community by giving advices in building projects in genomics and transcriptomics, organizing experience sharing events, ensuring training on our instruments

Technological surveillance

Active technological surveillance to offer the community the most valuable tools for their projects, in term of relevance, performance and cost.

GeT, distributed over 4 locations, is certified ISO9001 and NFX50-900 for two of them. We are labeled as IBiSA (Infrastructures for Biology Health and Agronomy) and as “Infrastructure d’avenir” in the “France Génomique” project. Know more about us.

Scientific fields

The main scientific questions addressed by teams working with us are:

  • Identification of genes influencing traits of interests (traits of agronomical interest for plants and animals, disease genes in human …),
  • Study of genetic diversity in all reigns,
  • Study of gene expression regulation,
  • Sequencing and genomic comparison.


Concerning our equipment, we propose tools in different, but complementary fields:

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