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15-05-2017     11:46

Our long read strategy presented at ONT London Calling 2017

In addition to sequencing of short fragments on Illumina sequencers, GeT platform wished to propose sequencing of long fragments. The main reason for this investment was mainly the poor quality of assembly of plant genomes having a high amount of long repeats. After preliminary and short tests on Minion in 2014, we decided to acquire a PacBio RSII in 2015. We had very good result on RSII. In 2016, we came back to Oxford Nanopore and obtained very promising and satisfying results on Minion. We currently have at GeT a RSII, several Minion and a Chromium. Rather than a single generic technology for long fragments sequencing, we have more and more the feeling that very frequently the best solution will combine several sequencing technologies. During the talk we will share experience with these machines, with a special focus on Minion.

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